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School Clubs

Find out about all the extra-curricular after-school clubs that take place at Willowbrook Primary School.

The school will do its best to inform you in advance via text when the club has been cancelled due to the absence of a teacher or adverse weather if it is an outdoor based club. 


SportsXtra Club: Year 3 & 4 pupils (TBC)

(External Provider - SportXtra)

Eco Club: all year groups (every 2nd week)

(Mrs H. Barber / Miss L. Davies)

Welsh Club: Year 4-6 pupils

(Miss J. Johnson)

Sign Club: Year 4-6 pupils

(Miss C. Lawrence)

Maths Homework Club: FP pupils (Mon)

(Mrs P. Bugler / Mrs R. Mansfield)

Tag Rugby Club: Year 5/6 pupils

(Mr. J. Slade / Mr. S. Davies)

KS2 Maths & Bug Club (Mon-Thurs)

Drama Club: Year 4/5 & 6 pupils

(Miss A. Edgington / Miss L. Stewart)

Sewing Club: Year 3 pupils

(Mrs. S. Turner)


SportsXtra Club: Year 1 & 2 pupils

(External Provider - SportXtra)



Art Club: Year 1 pupils (Summer Term)

(Mrs. S. Eagles)

Netball: Year 5/6 pupils

(Mrs. L. Ellis & Mrs J. Reeves)

Girls’ Football: Year 3-6 pupils

(Mrs Parsons & Miss Parsons)

Sharing Stories: Reception aged pupils

(Mrs J. Bardsley & Mrs S. Jones: 2.30-3pm)
Table Tennis: External Provider (Year 5 & 6 pupils)

Football - External Provider (PJSS) (Year 5 & 6 pupils)

(Mr. D. Brady)


Rubicon Dance: Year 5 – 6 pupils

(External Provider – Esther )

French Club: Year 4-6 pupils

(Miss L. Davies)

Caterpillar Club: Year 1 pupils

(Mrs J. Bardsley & team)

Book Club: Year 2 pupils

(Mrs S. Walker monthly)

Choir - Miss J. Johnson (Key Stage 2 pupils)


                                             After School Club

This is a thriving, happy and successful club run within the school from 3-6pm each day. The cost of each session is £9 (for Willowbrook pupils) and £9.50 (for children from neighbouring schools) and represents excellent value for money, ideal for working parents or as another opportunity for your children to spend some more time with friends from within our school and also our neighbouring schools. If you would like to know more, you are more than welcome to come and have a look around the club. The club co-ordinator is Ms Caroline Hallam and you can contact the club on their mobile number which is: 07792535176

CLUBS Timetable Autumn 2016