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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

This term our topic is about the circus.
We are setting up our role-play area; the Big Top has arrived; the pop-corn has been eaten already. More supplies needed!
The juggling balls have been made and we have been practising the skills we learned with Luke Jugglestruck. Mrs Bugler is practising – her skills are very slowly improving.
We had an amazing time with Luke, some children really enjoyed riding the little bike – balancing the spinning plate was much harder than it looked! Although Mrs Smith was excellent.
We have been looking at the history of the circus and discovering how it has changed over the years. Only four children said they had been to the circus, they recalled seeing acrobats, clowns and trapeze artists. Several children do not like the images of the clowns we have seen – although they enjoy dressing up in the costumes and performing tricks. 
In oracy we have been practising being the ringmaster; encouraging people to come to our circus; we have been using ‘Roll up, roll up to the greatest show on earth……… We have a microphone which we love.
When Mrs Bugler was a little girl the travelling circus came to town and brought exotic animals – they don’t do that any more. The children have really been developing their empathy skills thinking about what it must have been like for the animals in these circuses.
In some countries animals are still an important part of the circus – we are still looking at this and thinking about why this happens.
We are enjoying our new topic; hopefully the ‘hotdogs’ will be made next week.
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