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The 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' at Willowbrook

The ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ at Willowbrook.

At Willowbrook the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ are simple things we are doing in class every day to help us all feel happier and more positive. To help us remember the five ways to wellbeing we use:

C… L… A… N… G…

  • Connect
  • keep Learning
  • be Active
  • take Notice
  • Give

We want to encourage our school community to adopt the five ways to help us all feel good and enjoy our day to day lives. Each of these actions makes a positive difference to how we feel. Being aware of and combining these will make a difference.

A few ideas of how you can implement the five ways at home:

Connect: Keep in touch with family/friends, play games together, listen to music that reminds you of special times, share old photos/memories.

Keep Learning: Watch a new film, read a book, learn a new fact, cook or bake, share a skill, try something different.

Be Active: Walk, dance, jog, create football challenges, play hide and seek, complete jobs around the house, circuit training.

Take Notice: Spend time outside every day, observe nature, try yoga, be creative, look up at the night sky.

Give: Time to relax, help someone with a job, call someone to check they are doing ok.


For more information about the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ visit:


Reopening of School FAQ

The Children and Young People’s Wales Diabetes Network


Dear Parents/Carers,

The NHS has asked for this message to be sent out to you.

Undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes in children requires urgent medical attention  

If your child has ANY of the main symptoms of Type 1 diabetes please make an urgent GP appointment or contact the Out of Hours service.

The main symptoms are known as the 4 Ts – Thirst, Toilet, Tiredness, Thinner.

If you notice your child is thirsty or using the toilet more frequently, is always feeling tired, or has lost weight recently, seek immediate medical advice.

NHS services are very well equipped to look after children safely if they are unwell. Please do not delay seeking medical advice because of Covid-19.

There is more information available here:

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Contact Cardiff Family Advice and Support for information, advice and assistance.

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