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Childcare from Monday 30th March 2020

Good evening parents,

Childcare from Monday 30th March 2020

From next week, the Council will move to operating a sustainable childcare provision in a small number of centralised locations across the city, in order to reduce the number of schools opening to provide childcare for key workers. These locations will provide childcare for pupils from designated local ‘feeder’ schools.  The feeder school for pupils in Willowbrook Primary School is:

Bryn Hafod Primary School, 

Blagdon Close,




Please note that keyworkers that are critical to the COVID-19 response are advised that childcare provision should only be used if there is no safe, alternative form of childcare available. 

Any new requests for childcare provision, where parents and carers in keyworker categories have no other safe alternative, must apply using the online form by accessing the following link

Support for Pre-school children can be made using the Council’s Family Gateway. Once registered, parents will be contacted by the provisions team to arrange admission, at the earliest possible opportunity, from Tuesday 31st March 2020.  

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a place.


Kind regards,


Mrs Thomas