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Health and Safety -Coronavirus

I am receiving regular bulletins and updates from the Welsh Government and the Health and Safety Department of the County Council in relation to the Coronavirus. You will be aware from the media coverage that the situation, is changing day by day and if there are any significant developments that affect schools, be assured we will let you know immediately.  

The following link will take you to the latest information from Public Health Wales, which is updated daily at 3pm:

The guidance from the Health and Safety Department of the County Council in relation to hand gel is as follows:

Hand gel is not needed – correct handwashing is much more effective, however it can be used in addition to handwashing if school want to; Alcohol based hand gel is the most effective – it can be used in schools,  however the use must be supervised. So a staff member would need to dispense it to each child, and make sure they rub it in to their hands. ( so that the  gel is not misused;  ingested, inhaled etc) 

In view of this we will be attempting to purchase hand gel for each class which the teachers will dispense. However I think supplies are low everywhere at the moment.

We are encouraging and reminding all children to wash hands regularly using soap and water and to use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes. We have posters around school to remind children also.

For Current guidance related to educational settings please see: