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Miss Davies' visit to our Bordeaux link school!

In October, Miss Davies visited a primary school in Bordeaux, France to see first-hand how the education system works and create a link between our school and a French village primary school called Romagne.
Miss Davies was made to feel extremely welcome by all the French teachers and pupils at the school. She discovered how different the French education system whiteboards, computers, iPads, a two hour lunch and no school on a Wednesday afternoon!
She experienced Literacy, Maths and Geography lessons taught through French and even had the opportunity to teach the pupils English and some Welsh. The children’s Welsh was very good being as it was their first time hearing and speaking the language. Miss Davies gave them a Welsh flag and Welsh dragon for their classroom and taught them all about our country Wales and our capital city of Cardiff.
She also spoke about our school system and how we have to wear uniform to school. The French children were very surprised to hear about this as they don’t wear uniform in France. One child asked if we wear uniform at home and on the weekend!
Miss Davies visited a wine factory on a school trip. Children learn in Geography about where wine comes from and how it is made; this is especially important as Bordeaux is a huge wine-making region. We are very much looking forward to returning the favour and welcoming a French teacher, from the school, in April. I am sure we can make her feel at home and give her a wonderful Welsh experience at Willowbrook!