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Online Gaming

What is online gaming?

Online gaming describes any video game that offers online interactions with other players.


Why online gaming?

Online games are important because they offer a huge amount of fun, enjoyment, teamwork, collaboration and imaginative adventure for children. Played healthily they contribute an essential part of children’s development and socialisation.


What do parents/carers need to be aware of?

It’s important for parents to understand online gaming so they can encourage safe and healthy habits in children and technology from a young age.

Below are a few things parents and carers need to be aware of:

  • Some games let children play and chat with anyone in the world. This means they might come across offensive language and bullying.
  • Not everyone online is who they say they are. Children should avoid giving out personal details that could identify them or their location. Encourage them to only talk to real-life friends or family.
  • Some games encourage players to buy extra elements during the game – children have been known to run up large bills without realising.
  • In extreme cases bullying, can be used as a tactic to win games. Children may find themselves either bullying or being bullied. Encourage them to a good online friend and don’t say nasty things even if it’s just a joke.
  • Get involved by finding out what type of games your child enjoys and making sure they’re appropriate for their age.

Where can you find more information to help keep your child safe online?